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Brazilio coffee brand specializes in selected Brazilian coffee and serve it for you with affordable prices. Discover the blend that suits you and gives rhythm to your day. 


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Its All About Passion.

I joined Brazilio coffee and bakery because I wanted to be involved in the coffee roasting process. It was such an honor. After a year of working for Alexandria branch, I payed attention to detail and became a -coffee man- not just a regular barista.

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Today, roasting coffee beans is regarded as both art and science. This is because an unskilled roaster could ruin a batch of beautiful beans quite easily. It takes a great deal of experience, calculation, and that elusive roaster’s “sixth sense” to really bring out the distinct essence of any green coffee bean.


Coffee beans roasting is quite like cooking. In the same way that a chef gauges how to cook perfect food, a coffee bean roaster has to keep a close eye on the beans. From the moment beans are hit with heat through to the different phases of the roasting process, a great roaster intuitively knows what to do.

Before roasting

Even before the coffee bean roasting process begins, a roaster needs to know all about the beans he is about to roast down to the variety and flavor notes they may have. This allows him to create a roasting profile that will best highlight the distinct qualities of each bean. Once this is done, it is time to roast!

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