Brazilian Coffee

When you think about rich, fragrant, and delicious coffee, does Brazil come to mind?

It should be because Brazil is the second-largest consumer of coffee in the world. Brazil is a beautiful, tropical country filled with rainforest, and its warm climate makes it very ideal for growing coffee. Currently, Brazil produces about one-third of the world’s coffee supply.

With over 220,000 coffee farms producing both Arabica and Robusta coffee variants, Brazil has made itself a key player in the coffee industry.

Research has shown that most of the espresso beans consumed in the world come from Brazil. The coffee bean harvesting season in Brazil starts in May and runs all through September.

This colossal coffee industry in Brazil has also created a unique coffee classification system that ensures that different coffee beans featuring unique flavors are identified and classified.

Brazil is also known for its high coffee consumption. Most countries that produce coffee tend to export an increased number of their produce. Brazil, however, is the 14th largest consumer of coffee in the world.

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